Citeel moves ahead with US expansion

January 23, 2024
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Citeel, a leader in cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, is delighted to unveil its strategic expansion into the United States. This marks a pivotal moment in our global trajectory, building upon our proven successes in Slovenia, the Netherlands, and the MENA region. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled innovation, Citeel is eager to contribute its expertise to the dynamic cybersecurity landscape of the United States, ensuring robust protection for businesses and individuals alike. This expansion aligns with our mission to provide world-class cybersecurity solutions, further solidifying Citeel's position as a trusted partner in safeguarding digital assets worldwide.

This expansion signifies a momentous milestone for Citeel, ushering in a compelling new chapter in the company's trajectory. We extend a formal invitation to all stakeholders, enthusiasts, and potential collaborators to acknowledge and appreciate this significant development. With a well-established track record of pioneering solutions, Citeel is poised to make meaningful contributions to the vibrant tech ecosystem of the USA.

"Embarking on this pivotal journey into the United States is a clear testament to our commitment to advancing cybersecurity on a global scale," emphasized Nejc Paradiz, CEO of Citeel. "We are thrilled to extend our expertise and innovative solutions to the USA, aligning seamlessly with our mission to redefine the future of cybersecurity. Concurrently, I am excited to share that we are currently in the midst of an ongoing investment round, seeking commitments totaling over 5 million USD. This strategic move not only reinforces our dedication to cybersecurity excellence but also underscores our commitment to securing the necessary support to propel our growth initiatives forward successfully."

Additionally, Citeel is actively exploring the prospect of establishing its United States headquarters through a collaborative initiative with one of the foremost manufacturers in the military vehicles industry. This strategic partnership is designed to capitalize on the manufacturer's market prowess and the company's strategically advantageous position, facilitating the expansion of Citeel right from its inception.

As Citeel steps onto American soil, the company anticipates exciting opportunities, collaborations, and growth. The USA expansion is not just a geographical move but a leap into a world of possibilities, and Citeel welcomes all stakeholders to join in this journey.