4-Soft welcomes Vid Forstner as Interim COO.

January 19, 2023
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4-Soft is excited to announce that Vid Forstner has joined our team as the Interim Chief Operating Officer. With extensive experience in operations management and a proven track record of success in leading teams, we are confident that Vid will be a valuable asset to our company during this interim period.

"We have been working together for over a year, and I am excited to have him on board as our interim COO. His young perspective and fresh ideas will bring a new dynamic to our team," said Nejc Paradiž, CEO of 4-Soft. "And after his great performance over the past year, it was clear his vision of 4-Soft is aligned with the founders."

Vid Forstner added, "I am honored to have the opportunity to join 4-Soft and work alongside such a talented team. I look forward to contributing my skills and experience to help drive the company's success during this interim period."

Vid will take the place of Interim COO for the foreseeable future, as 4-Soft is already in talks with a well-established senior businessman to take the permanent role of Chief Operational Officer. After the appointment of the new COO, Vid will shift roles and work closely with our CEO.

4-Soft would like to welcome Vid Forstner and look forward to a successful future together.

Ljubljana 19. 1. 2023